Engineering - MMF Engineering
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MMF Engineering is not only a professional trader of technical supplies, but also an engineering firm. Our service distinguishes itself through our expertise in engineering. Our team of engineers supports our customers with the planning and implementation of their projects and determines the best suitable parts for each application. We even travel far in order to analyze complicated applications on site.


Case Study 1

Branche: Stahlwerk

Industry: Steel manufacturer

A steel manufacturing company which has been a customer of MMF Engineering for many years asked for technical support in the overhaul of three old slewing rings. A team of three engineers travelled to the production plant in order to plan and conduct the overhaul of the slewing rings with a weight of 5 tons and a diameter of each 4,5 meters. These were disassembled into parts, inspected, cleaned, reworked, equipped with new parts (bearings, seals), measured, reassembled and consequently, successfully overhauled.

Case Study 2

Branche: Getriebehersteller

Industry: Gearbox manufacturer

Our team of engineers considerably contributed to the planning of the first prototype for a wind turbine. The customer, a manufacturer of machines, was trained and briefed into the production process in order to initiate the production of 660 kW wind turbines.  The entire bearing and gear wheel technology was chosen and provided by MMF. The project was accompanied by our engineers on site for many months starting from the construction to the completion.