linear technology - MMF Engineering
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Linear technology

We provide a wide range of linear technology, including all standard products. In case of demand for special product variations, we offer the customizing options, such as: cutting, drilling, threat cutting, turning, milling, grinding, polishing. Our linear technology products are:

  • Monorail guidance systems, roller monorail guidance systems


  • Ball monorail guidance systems: two-row, four-row and six-row linear recirculating ball bearings and guiding assemblies


  • Miniature ball monorail guidance systems: two-row and four row linear recirculating ball bearings and guiding assemblies


  • Track roller guidance systems


  • Shaft guidance systems


  • Linear roller bearings


  • Linear plain bearings


  • Linear actuators


  • Linear tables


  • Flat cage guidance systems


  • Linear recirculating bearings


  • Shafts (solid and hollow shafts)


  • as well as customizing