the company - MMF Engineering
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The Company


Our history

MMF Engineering was established in 2007 in Vienna. Back then, the founders had already gained profound education in the fields of engineering and industrial supplies, as well as working experience of many years as key executives of leading manufacturers in this industry (among others at the Schaeffler Group).
The idea behind the founding of MMF Engineering was to combine the long experience at the Austrian and European industrial supplies market and our network of customers and producers worldwide in order to achieve the best possible working basis. Today, MMF Engineering possesses a strong distribution and customer network in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America with customers in over 30 different countries as well as stable cooperations with suppliers and partner from Europe.

Our principles

Our principles of working are defined clearly: The satisfaction of our customers. Our asset is not only professional trading of quality products, but also our engineering services. We do not only trade with technology, we have a thorough understanding of them. Our motivation is to provide high-class technical and commercial advice from your first inquiry until the day of putting the parts into operation.

Our service

  •  Quality products at the best prices:


We do not like technical compromises. The quality of our products is not negotiable and our promise of quality also applies to our best priced offers. We supply our customers only with European premium brands and are able to offer competetive prices which result from our strong cooperation with our partners.


  • Professional consulting


Our service is not only meant to satisfy your demand of industrial parts. We aim to have great customer relationships and offer consulting that does not leave any questions unanswered. Therefore, we look forward to your questions and gladly invest a sufficient amount of time in order to support you with our technical and commercial advice on your project.


  • On-time deliveries


The sooner our customer receives our goods, the better. Our large stock and the resulting delivery readiness of our products allow us to conduct quick deliveries to our customers.